Salient Features
  • Qualified Teaching Professionals:
    VPESS has been regarding the qualified teachers as the biggest asset for the overall development of the children. So, we have the team of competent, dedicated, trained, enthusiastic and qualified teaching professionals who have been the outstanding mentors in the long glorious journey.
  • Extra Curricular Activities:
    VPESS gives its major focus on indoor and outdoor activities that become the major tools for germinating self-confidence and leadership qualities in the students. VPESS regularly organizes the competitive activities like Oratory, Debates, Dramas, Quizzes, Sports, Dance, Music as well as the competitions and exhibitions related to literature, Science and Technology.
  • Discipline:
    Moral lesson has been the major psychological treatment in making our students disciplined. We are concerned in keeping our students well mannered and discipline all the time. Furthermore, our School 'Rules and Regulations' and 'Code of Conduct' are the other obligatory tools in maintaining discipline.
  • Transportation:
    VPESS has been facilitating the students with free transportation. The free transportation facility is provided routes like Lagankhel, Gwarko, Imadol, Lubhoo, Lamatar, Bhalutar, Dhungin and Sisnery at present. VPESS has planned to enhance the transportation facilities in the other regions as well from this year.
  • Scout:
    With the aim to develop brotherhood, fraternity and leadership among the students and community, the school has the provision on its own scout troop named " VIDYAPUNJA SCOUT TROOP" that trains, manages and organizes different scout programs through out the year to produce the self-reliant, self-confident and competent leaders for the community.
  • Location and Environment:
    VPESS is centrally located at Vidyapunja Chowk, Lamatar-8, Lalitpur. VPESS owns its own modern building with big classrooms, a big Seminar Hall and a big playground spreading in three ropanies of land. The school is located at pollution free and tranquil environment far away from the hasty and nasty crowd.
  • Computer and Technology :
    VPESS is always determined to impart the knowledge regarding Technology. The school owns a modern computer room with dozens of latest computer systems in order to provide the knowledge regarding the latest technological improvements. In order to make the computer practical classes running, VPESS is introducing the Alternative Power Back up plan from this year.
  • Excursions and Educational Tours :
    Traveling is the best source of knowledge. VPESS organizes several short and long tours and excursions to the destinations with historical, natural and geographical significance. We believe that the knowledge gained from such visits becomes the most powerful phenomenon to understand the places, people, communities and geography than the theoretical readings.
  • Medium of Teaching:
    English Language is used as the major language while teaching in all the grades. Students are inspired to learn and speak in English so that they would be able to compete in this world. However, the mother language is still given equal importance.
  • Diversity:
    VPESS does not discriminate students according to caste, colour, religion, gender or any other basis. VPESS gives equal opportunities to all the students coming from all the communities. VPESS is currently garlanded with the students belonging to diverse colours, castes, religions etc.
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